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My favorite socks

I absolutely love these socks. I work out every day and they've become my go-to socks whether I'm walking, biking or working out in the gym. For hiking I prefer a thicker sock but that's nothing against these. They fit perfectly and don't slip and slide around. I also like the color, other packages of socks have multiple colors I don't want, I just want black and gray. These also wash and dry well. I'm so glad I found them.

CB California


I've waited 3 months to do this review for it to be accurate and detailed. I was wearing regular cotton socks for years and had horribly sweaty feet that had an odor. THESE SOCKS PREVENT THIS COMPLETELY!! They are the absolute only socks I wear now!!


Pain gone in knees

I got these on a win, my 23 yr old son has a career in football which has caused knee and ankle pain. At times it's unbearable, I ordered these in hopes they would help a little. Well he hasn't had to take anything for pain in the last week!!! Hope they keep working this good.

Reane Marosi

Love these socks they in combination with my copper compression ...

Love these socks they in combination with my copper compression insoles make my 12-15 hour days feel like a simple 8 hr day my feet don’t sweat or swell. Plus the added bonus of not needing to be washed as regularly as other. Funny thing is as I’m writing this review I’ll be placing an order for another 6 pair.


Big difference

I’ve not a big difference in smell and sweat with these. Is it completely gone? No. But MUCH better. It really is amazing the difference between one of these socks vs a regular sock after going to the gym. My boyfriend is in love with these as well since I don’t take up the entire room with my smell quite as much anymore haha!

Elsa Byrholdt

Control humidity GREAT socks

Bought these for my mother at suggestion of podiatrist because bad hammertoe case caused fungal infection that would not heal. They have been great and after fighting infection for seven months without success these socks have kept sweating down and infection is practically gone after two months wearing the socks. I highly recommend them. Am buying another pack of four so that my mother can have a week’s supply so she doesn’t have to keep washing them every other day.

Alice Blanchet

Dry and not stinky!!

Got these for my husband as a Father's Day gift. He immediately put them on. After running morning errands and coming home, I asked if they worked/do they stink? Only this one time would I smell them and... they didn't stink! He said that they felt dry, too. We may have to splurge and get more of these socks for my husband!


Easily the best socks I’ve ever purchased

I have had a problem with very sweaty feet and foot odor for YEARS. I mean sweat like you could ring drips out of my socks and odor that physically hurts. I’ve changed a few things that helped the smell only a little but thankfully on a whim I purchased these socks. I’m dubious about the copper, I’m pretty sure they were woven from unicorn hair, becausethese are never soaked and my feet smell like an average human at the end of the day. I plan to slowly switch out my entire sock wardrobe.

Morgan Holkesvik

Amazing for people with smelly/sweaty feet

These socks are a total game changer!! My husband has always struggled with his feet sweating badly and leading to horrid smells coming from them after he took his sneakers or boots off at the end of the day! Even a sock change halfway through never helped the smell. We tried foot powders and bought new shoes frequently but it never helped. Now with these socks he can go all day and at the end of the day NO ODOR!!! These socks are truly amazing!