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By nicholas holmes on October 14, 2016

These socks are amazing. My feet were smelling terribly for a few months and i couldn't shake it. I tried everything from teabags to zeasorb and nothing worked. I thought about copper being naturally antimicrobial and figured I'd invent some copper infused socks. Well, they already have copper infuses socks. So i ordered them and the foot odor was gone within a day.

Super soft and comfortable socks!!! just not for small feet.


By Stacy Svenelid on July 27, 2016

I ordered these socks because I am told by my husband that I have stinky feet sadly, and so I am willing to try almost anything to help prevent that issue. I received the socks and immediately tried them on being excited and curious. The first think I noticed that that they felt super soft and fitting to my feet. On the downside of them, they are a bit too big for my size 6 female foot. Now that being said I had my husband try them on and they fit him fine but he is a size 9 ½ in a mens shoe. When he slid his feet into the socks he was really shocked at how soft and comfortable they felt and fell in love with them. So I guess I have lost my socks to my husband now lol. But with the antibacterial I am not sure if they work with it or not, but I can see how they would with the tops of them being a mesh type material letting the air flow through them nicely. I am very pleased with this order and I know that anyone else that purchased this would be too.

Super soft and comfortable socks!!! just not for small feet.
antibacterial socks


By Lund on July 28, 2016

These are suppose to be size 12 and they fit like a size 8-9. 80 percent cotton and 20 percent something else. These will not slip off your feet they are slip proof. They are black with gray bottom with blue liner. These are antibacterial and aren't suppose to cause odor problems. My husband wore these all day and haven't had a problem with his feet stinking.

Yes! Exactly what I needed.


By Bill Mcdowel on June 3, 2017

Set from heaven! Helps keep my feet dry (yes no sweating), kills fungus from athletes feet (paired with this stuff called Wonder Balm that I purchased off Amazon as well), & no more odor. They are a perfect fit. They feel great on my feet. These socks don't make my feet hot. It's actually the opposite. It feels like air is circulating through my feet seriously. Very breathable. These socks do their job just like in the description. I did & will be purchasing more! I bought two blue & black sets & one green & black set if I remember right. I lost three pairs one day, because I didn't know my backpack had a hole in it & I was sick about it for DAYS. I was devastated for two reasons: one they were $22 (kind of expensive to me, but guaranteed worth it) & two they are freaking awesome! I'm in love with these socks! I wish I had them so bad! My three pair will be dearly missed. :'( Sorry for the long review, but these socks are just awesome!)

Great quality socks


By Md Islam on July 13, 2017

Very good quality socks, not one of those regular socks that you throw out after few use. It has a rubber strap to keep it in place when you wear it. Really comfortable to wear with my sneakers!

Great quality socks
These socks have been amazing! They are moisture wicking to his feet stay ...


By Keisha Davis on July 27, 2016

My husbands feet STINK! No matter what he tries they just smell. That causes his socks to stink and even with washing the smell hardly comes out.
These socks have been amazing! They are moisture wicking to his feet stay nice and dry.
The antibacterial properties in the socks honestly kill the smell. I was just as surprised as him at the end of the day.
These are non slip which is perfect for elderly and we have hardwood floors so that's another big plus.
These are made very well, do not fade when washes or lose elasticity.
Amazing socks! I will be purchasing more.

My favorite socks


By CB California on August 7, 2018

I absolutely love these socks. I work out every day and they've become my go-to socks whether I'm walking, biking or working out in the gym. For hiking I prefer a thicker sock but that's nothing against these. They fit perfectly and don't slip and slide around. I also like the color, other packages of socks have multiple colors I don't want, I just want black and gray. These also wash and dry well. I'm so glad I found them.



By CeeCee on July 21, 2018

I've waited 3 months to do this review for it to be accurate and detailed. I was wearing regular cotton socks for years and had horribly sweaty feet that had an odor. THESE SOCKS PREVENT THIS COMPLETELY!! They are the absolute only socks I wear now!!

Love these socks they in combination with my copper compression ...


By Scott on June 6, 2018

Love these socks they in combination with my copper compression insoles make my 12-15 hour days feel like a simple 8 hr day my feet don’t sweat or swell. Plus the added bonus of not needing to be washed as regularly as other. Funny thing is as I’m writing this review I’ll be placing an order for another 6 pair.

Big difference


By Elsa Byrholdt on April 30, 2018

I’ve not a big difference in smell and sweat with these. Is it completely gone? No. But MUCH better. It really is amazing the difference between one of these socks vs a regular sock after going to the gym. My boyfriend is in love with these as well since I don’t take up the entire room with my smell quite as much anymore haha!

Control humidity GREAT socks


By Alice Blanchet on April 29, 2018

Bought these for my mother at suggestion of podiatrist because bad hammertoe case caused fungal infection that would not heal. They have been great and after fighting infection for seven months without success these socks have kept sweating down and infection is practically gone after two months wearing the socks. I highly recommend them. Am buying another pack of four so that my mother can have a week’s supply so she doesn’t have to keep washing them every other day.

It felt like a miracle


By Lampros Patsantaras on August 9, 2018

I wanted to take my time before I wrote this review.
I’ve had a problem with sweaty feet for ever... and I had tried everything from sprays to powders and “breathing” shoes. I was getting desperate...
One day I saw this product and decided to give it a try, couldn’t hurt right?
It’s been a good 3 months or more now and the results are conclusive. They WORK! No matter the shoe or the weather or how much I try to keep my shoes ventilated when I don’t wear them.
I would recommend this product, 5 stars.

Dry and not stinky!!


By CM on July 30, 2018

Got these for my husband as a Father's Day gift. He immediately put them on. After running morning errands and coming home, I asked if they worked/do they stink? Only this one time would I smell them and... they didn't stink! He said that they felt dry, too. We may have to splurge and get more of these socks for my husband!

Really work!


By Susan Chenoweth on July 2, 2018

Ordered these due to the fact my feet sweat a lot, even when I’m barefoot. They are extremely comfortable and even after a full days wear, no smell whatsoever. The wicking action keeps my feet from feeling overly damp; most of the other socks I’ve tried wound up gluing themselves to my feet and bunching up. Definitely will order again!!

Love them! Used to be embarrassed taking my shoes ...


By Tyler Whitehead on June 20, 2018

Love them! Used to be embarrassed taking my shoes off around people after being on all day because of that shoe smell, but when I wear these socks that smell never happens! It's wonderful.